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Sport Camps

Sports Camps


June 26-29

Bloomington Games Camp
Olson Middle School, Time: 9pm-12pm, Age 5-9, Cost: $139.  To register go to  bloomington.ce.eleyo.com

July 1, 2, 3
Lakeville Soccer Camp
Time:  9am-12pm, Ages: 8-12, Cost:  $126.  To register go to www.webtrac.lakevillemn.gov

July 22-25

Lakeville Games Camp
Location:  Oak Shores Park, Time 9am-12pm, Ages 5-9, Cost:  $144.  To register go to. www.webtrac.lakevillemn.gov  

Bloomington Multi-Sport
Olson Middle School, Time 12:30pm-3:30pm, Ages 8-11, Cost:  $139.  to register go to www.bloomington.ce.eleyo.com 

August 7-10
Bloomington Games Camp
Olson Middle School, Time 9am-12pm 
Time:  9am-12pm
Cost:  $149

Lakeville Flag Football Camp
Time 9am-12pm, Ages 6-9, Cost 144

August 19-22
Bloomington Flag Football
Time 9am-12pm, ages 7-11, Cost $149

August 26-29
Lakeville Games Camp
Time 9am-12pm, ages 5-9, Cost $144